Addison Montgomery (Private Practice)

Interprétée par Kate Walsh

Pour tout savoir sur cette héroïne, rendez-vous dans le livre "Femmes en séries" disponible aux éditions LME

Le coin des quotes
  • "I'm changing my life. Now I can walk away angry or I can walk away with your blessing. Either way Richard: I'm going."
  • "It's not like I look bad naked. A lot of man have enjoyed seen me naked, a lot. Well not a lot... I mean... eight... well... eleven."
  • "I'm a cheater and a husband stealer and I'm barren. Good times."
  • "Then slowly, over time, everything changes. And you're no longer this young thing, and you don't believe in fairytales and "perfect" isn't in your vocabulary. And then suddenly, here is this man and he becomes so familiar to you that one day you find yourself looking at him thinking I could love this person for the rest of my life."
  • "He is Zeus. He's Thor. He's Beckham."


Addison Montgomery (Private Practice)
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