Carrie Mathison (Homeland)

Interprétée par Claire Danes

Pour tout savoir sur cette héroïne, rendez-vous dans le livre "Femmes en séries" disponible aux éditions LME

Le coin des quotes
  • "I missed something once before. I won't, I can't let that happen again"
  • "I'm gonna be alone my whole life, aren't ?"
  • "Somewhere down there, there's a tiny sliver of green just taking its time. This is how everything works. You wait. You lay low. And then you come to life."
  • "Well tonight is Thursday. I cook dinner for the family on Thursdays. I'm making vegetable lasagna with vegetables I picked this morning from the garden. [sighs] Don't make me talk to him, Saul. I don't ever want to see him again. I've put all that away."
  • " I was right."
  • "Friends?! Oh, yeah. Do I want to be friends with a demented ex-soldier that hates America? Who decided strapping on a bomb was the answer to what ailed him? Despite his daughter, his son, people who loved him in real life, not in the mind-fuck world of Abu Nazir, who in the end, didn't have the stones to go through with it, but had no problem sending me to the nuthouse. Yeah. No, thanks. I don't think I need a friend like that."
  • "If only the circumstances had been wildly different. You're a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody. You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time you pay for that."
  • "You broke my heart, you know. Was that easy for you? Was that fun? Because of you, I questioned my own sanity, I had myself admitted to a mental institution. I lost my job, too. I lost my place in the world. I lost everything."
  • "It was hearing Dana’s voice that changed your mind, wasn’t it? She asked you to come home and you did. Why? Maybe because… Maybe because you suddenly understood that killing yourself and ruining Dana’s life wouldn’t bring Isa back. Maybe because you knew then how much you loved your own child. Maybe because you were just sick of death. That’s the Brody I’m talking to. That’s the Brody that knows the difference between warfare and terrorism. That’s the Brody I met up in that cabin. That’s the Brody I fell in love with."
  • "Fuck the CIA! "

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Carrie Mathison (Homeland)
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